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Groupage and small-sized cargoes

Перевозка малых и малогабаритных грузов

Efficiently consolidating, the regular schedule of dispatch and delivery of cargo is guaranteed. We are a groupage cargo operator, and not just a forwarding agent.

Our own system of transportation of consolidated cargo provides us with a competitive advantage.

Our principles of work are:

  • Communication with the client on the principle of "one-stop shop", which avoids communication problems
  • The circle of proven and selected partners with consolidation warehouses in Europe makes complex things simple
  • Prompt information about the situation immediately after loading, which makes it easier to take further steps in the process of transportation
  • The presence of regular "lines" allows our Clients to build an organized chain of deliveries of goods on the principle of "Just-in-time"
  • Honest pricing that does not change until delivery is complete
  • Experience and quality of work, as well as a careful approach to everything that happens, avoid any deviations from the delivery plan

Fate is not a coincidence,
but a result of choice.


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Lietuva, V. Maciulevičiaus g. 53 - 206
Vilnius, LT - 04310
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Lietuva, V. Maciulevičiaus g. 53 - 206
Vilnius, LT - 04310
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Россия, 236029 г.Калининград,
ул. Земельная, д.12
UK 14a Bainbridge Rd,
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